Firefly Jquery Plugin

Noise is an important part of most designs when it comes to websites. It helps direct the user’s attention to certain parts of the site without overwhelming them. I’ve recently started seeing sites use a type of Javascript animation that is really appealing to me. It’s subtle and at the same time has a huge impact on the design.


Free Minimalist Portfolio

  • Best viewed in Chrome and Safari
  • Basic HTML knowledge required
  • Includes HTML, CSS and javascript files
  • Also includes photoshop file

When it comes to web design I’m a huge fan of both minimalism as well as heavy imagery. If you’re a photographer, artist or designer, minimalism is a great way to emphasize your work.It allows the user to focus on a single aspect of the site at a time while still remaining visually pleasing.


Fullscreen slider

Often times when a client asks for special customizations or animations to their site, I will dig for a jQuery plugin that accomplishes my goal. However, on occasion, when the customizations become overly original, I will need to put something together on my own. At least with the help of multiple plugins.